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300 Year Old Food Forest in Vietnam

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Paradise In Your Backyard

This is what I think of as a paradise on earth -- a 300 year old food forest in Vietnam. 28 generations have shared in developing this spectacularly lush environment that not only feeds the family, but provides all the medicinal herbs and plants they need.

Imagine growing up in an environment where you just need to walk outside the door and there is all the sustenance you will ever need -- literally provided by your ancestors!

This is an inspiring story that we can be thinking about as we take steps to convert our backyards, front yards and even windowsills into food producing spaces. Can we begin to think about 28 generations from now? What could be more meaningful and important than that?

Geoff Lawton is a permaculture consultant, designer and teacher from Australia. Lawton's aim is to establish self-replicating educational demonstration sites. He has currently educated over 6,000 students in permaculture worldwide. Lawton's 'master plan' is see aid projects being replicated as fast as possible to help ameliorate the growing food and water crisis.

Stay tuned for more!

- Bibi Farber