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Power Back On: Bibi Farber Song For Occupy Sandy

All Proceeds To Occupy Sandy

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Getting Our Energy Back

When Hurricane Sandy struck I was desperately trying to reach friends and colleagues in the affected areas of New York and New Jersey. The photos were terrifying. Neighborhoods I had lived in, immersed in water, without power. Neighborhoods I had worked and performed in -- completely destroyed, forever unrecognizable.

Those first weeks after the storm were a blur of anxiety, tears, disbelief, information gathering and gratitude.

The term Power Back On was in the air, on everyone's lips. I am primarily a songwriter, and I happen to have recorded a song titled "Power Back On" that was never released. It's about getting your personal energy: your moxie, mojo or spirit back!

I decided to make it available as a download to raise money for those affected by the storm.

To who will the money go to? I have personally volunteered for Occupy Sandy in areas of Coney Island that still lacked power weeks after the storm, and I can attest to that they are doing outstanding work. The media and even city officials are on the record as saying that they are providing food, essentials, clean up help and all kinds of support for the victims that the city, FEMA and established charity organizations have failed to provide.

Every time this single is downloaded for $1.99, I will send $1.50 to the organization. 0.49 cents goes to CD Baby, the online music retailer.

Artist Jim Lipton produced this groovy video for the campaign.

You can download this song here:

I hope you can spare a little change for this incredible organization that sprang up out of nowhere in the hour of need for the affected communities.

Thank you beforehand!

--Bibi Farber

Occupy Sandy:

Download Power Back On:

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