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Disempower Credit Card Companies: Use Dwolla

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Bypass The Middleman

For anyone who wants to make convenient online payments while bypassing credit cards, big banks and Paypal fees - here is Dwolla!

It is a service that lets you pay "cash" directly from your bank account for a fee of only 0.25 cents.

For consumers, that means no more hefty Paypal fees. Just 25 cents to send any sum of payment anywhere you want.

For merchants and retailers, this means no more 2-5% on ALL transactions, meaning this service can save you a fortune. The video is directed at this group, which according to Dwolla, spends 45 Billion dollars a year on fees.

For EVERYONE- in the spirit of the Occupy Movement: this service means you are not putting money into the hands of the Big Banks. Step aside Visa and Mastercard: now there is a new way to do business without empowering the global banking system.

Hoorah for imaginative start ups!

-Bibi Farber

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