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Why A Conservative Economist Moved To The Country

Chris Martenson

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Cut Cost Of Living, Doubled Standard Of Living

Chris Martenson does an excellent job of explaining exactly why "The next 20 years are going to be completely unlike the last 20 years."

He is an economic researcher and author of The Crash Course, a video presentation that is offered online for free, that clearly explains how our economy, energy systems and environment face increasing challenges, and explores likely implications for the future.

He is well known for explaining the point that we have never before in history faced such exponential growth in three key areas: debt (as related to GDP), energy consumption and environmental resource depletion.

"How many more times can the world be twice as big?" he asks the PBS audience here in a segment they produced about the "conservative economist who moved to the country".

PBS presents him as just slightly kooky, you know, another popular doomsday guy - but who might just have a point.

"I cut my cost of living in half and I doubled my standard of living."

There is rich wisdom and practical advice to be found in the work of Chris Martenson. At the core, his message speaks to the urgency of a change of collective lifestyle and mindset.

Martenson says:"Money is not a comprehensive descriptor of wealth. Your deepest wealth lies in the strength and resiliency of your community."


--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by PBS

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