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What Is A Time Bank?

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Give And Recieve Work, But No Money

This video spotlights the Onion River Exchange Time Bank in Vermont.

A Time Bank enables a community of people to support each other by exchanging favors and services. No money is exchanged, and it's not direct barter either. When you contribute an hour of work to the Time Bank, you get one hour of any service that is offered. Everyone's hour is worth the same.

This is a fantastic way to get things done without spending money. Not only do you keep money out of the equation, which takes a lot of energy and often commuting to "earn". Money always leaks out of the community once banks and credit cards are involved- but with a time bank you strengthen and build relationships that go beyond a business interaction. Your neighbors turn into friends, who need your services and offer theirs.

Building community is one of the most important, healing and profound shifts that can come out of this negative economic climate. We may be underemployed- but look how much we can do for each other, and how much we can get done with no dollars trading hands!

--Bibi Farber