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Recovering Plunderer now World's Greenest CEO

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Sustainable - and very profitable!

Business and Industry are the major culprit in environmental destruction. The are also the only institution large enough to lead us out of this mess. So says Ray Anderson, CEO of InterfaceFLOR.

At his carpet and flooring company, Ray Anderson has turned the traditional "take / make / waste" industrial system on its head. Here he shares his powerful vision for sustainable commerce.

Ray Anderson shifted from being a plunderer to being the world's greenest CEO. With new technology and sustainable systems implemented: renewable energy now accounts for 27% of total energy, greenhouse gas emissions are down 82% in absolute tonnage, fossil fuel use is down 60%, water usage is down 75%, renewable and recycled materials represent 25% of total- AND they diverted 74,000 tons of used carpet from the landfill.

Here's the twist: company is MORE profitable than ever, thanks to these steps toward sustainability. Sales increased by 60%, while his operating costs went down.

What do you know? His profits doubled!

He's here to tell us: commercial manufacturing CAN be shifted in a sustainable - AND PROFITABLE direction.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by TED Talks