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"We Are All Still Pioneers"

The new economy is not just about sharing belongings, but ideas as well.

Britta Riley in New York City started developing a small Window Farm in her apartment, growing lettuce, herbs and tomatoes in a home made hydroponic system with pumps and used water bottles.

Instead of perfecting and patenting it herself, she created a social media site where she published the design, explained how it worked and went out of her way to point out the flaws!

Window Farm enthusiasts all over the world began an online collaboration to perfect the techniques, tailored to all different climates and environments.

She calls is Research-and-Develop-It-Yourself. An important point is that anyone can build it for free.

Now there are over 18,000 people are working on this currently, sharing ideas and brainstorming together about how to grow food in urban window environments.

New communities are being born all the time! We can no longer be satisfied to be consumers, Riley explains. "We are all still pioneers."

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Ted Talks