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Local Currency taking off in DC

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Money, as it used to be

Local currency is gaining popularity in the US. This video, produced by Russia Today, spotlights the Potomac, in DC. The idea is to keep money circulating in the community - but what is most interesting about this idea is that more and more people see the connection between the Fed's policy's and the evaporation of the value of our US dollars.

Inflation is not a natural act of financial laws of gravity. There is no inherent reason that a dollar printed today should not be worth the same amount in 10 years. Before there was banking - before interest rates and fractional reserve banking and everything else- you could bury a bucket of money that your grandchildren dig up 75 years later and it would be worth the same amount.

The local currency movement is putting the spotlight on these issues: on money retaining it's value, and of course keeping the money in a given area which benefits all people doing business locally. They are part of a growing awareness that is looking at how to keep more financial energy in a given system.

--Bibi Farber