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Hemp As Seen From Mainstream Financial Media

It's Profitable!

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The Miracle Crop

Here's a story on hemp as seen by the mainstream business news, CNBC's Alternative Investing program.

Guess what their angle is? Hemp makes lots of money! It's a terrific, versatile and cooperative crop for many reasons.

Hemp doesn't suffer from pests or diseases. It grows quickly, covering the ground with no competition from weeds. Every part of the plant is used for something, literally ranging from food to products for construction and the auto industry.

Hemp is used to produce oil, food, biodiesel, paints and solvents, industrial products, construction materials, fabric, canvas, carpets, paper...and much more.

No small detail: owners of homes made of hemp see a huge savings in energy.

What a gift it is to our planet!

Too bad it's illegal in the United States.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by CNBC