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Helping Poachers In Thailand Switch To Sustainable Mushroom Farming

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Welcome To Thailand

20% of the known animal and plant species are found in Southeast Asia. Illegal poaching is rampant, because of the poverty of these communities and the lack of alternative livelihoods.

"Surviving Together" is a program set up by the Freeland Foundation (For Human Rights And Wildlife) which promotes sustainable farming as an alternative for those who make a living poaching.

This video spotlights the mushroom farming business that has transformed the lives of ex-poachers. It gives people a way to transition, with a structure and earning potential in place right from the start. People need start up support to give up poaching.

Since Freeland's Surviving Together program began in 2000, poaching in some parts of the Khao Yai National Park has been reduced by 70%.

--Bibi Farber

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