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Greece Turns To Barter and Time Banking

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Back To The Old Ways

Time banking and barter clubs help keep people working when there are no jobs and getting services they need when there is no money.

In a time bank, you contribute whatever skills you have - be it teaching languages, walking dogs or caring for kids and the elderly. You make "deposits" of your time, and you "withdraw" using the services you need. Everyone's time is worth the same.

These networks help the economy by utilizing resources that are not being used.

But is the concept really new? Niki Roubani of the Time Bank Voluntary Project says:

"We still have the memory of the agricultural society in Greece where people used to do things together. We'll do the olive trees of my family this week and then next week we'll do the olive trees of your family, then the next week the other neighbor. They would exchange services and they like that."

Indeed it is a return to a system that has worked for humans since the beginning.

"It's an amazing way of receiving -- by giving to others." says one participant.

-Bibi Farber

This video was produced by RT