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White Is Green

Imagine floating over a big city and seeing nothing but bright, reflective white rooftops.

White roofs in the world's urban areas could offset approximately one and a half years of carbon emissions, according to some studies.

The man who paints his rooftop in pale colors in this newscast says it makes the house cooler by 12 degrees F. It makes the shingles last longer, and protects the environment.

It can cut your AC bill by 20%.

Reflective surfaces would reduce what's known as the urban heat island effect: the capacity of metropolitan areas to absorb more heat than their surrounding areas.

White roofs have topped homes and buildings in the Middle East and countries around the Mediterranean for centuries.

Now it's time to use common sense: cool down our cities and turn down the AC with this simple step.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by CBS 42 News