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The Yurt: A Home You Can Fold Up And Move

Mongolian "Ger"

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Your Home Fits In The Van

Welcome to a Yurt, or Ger, an old Mongolian style tent for nomadic populations.

Boyan and his partner moved into their 21 square meter yurt and they love its simplicity and the freedom it affords them to move with the seasons, or jobs.

They can be used even in climates with harsh winters, as most yurt companies now make their covers from a reflective insulation developed by NASA, and are designed to withstand winds up to 100 mph. Their round shape makes yurts more efficient to heat than square houses.

For a basic yurt, prices range from under $5,000 for a twelve foot yurt, to about $10,000 for a thirty footer—not including the many customizations and add-ons that can transform your yurt from rustic to luxurious.

About 10 minutes in to this video you can see in fast forward motion how the couple dis-assemble and re-assemble the yurt by themselves, all in a single day with no professional tools or skills.

A layer of sheep's wool is actually rolled out around the structure, functioning as one of the most important layers of insulation.

It's an alternative to a tiny home, at 226 square feet and of course all the space is, well, in one huge space.

Could you live in a big circular tent with your family?

"Sometimes I think people like to live in bigger and bigger houses with smaller and smaller families, somehow to hide, not from the outside world, but from themselves." says Boyan. "Here there is nowhere to hide"

This couple loves it anyway, and this fun, sustainable form of housing is on the rise.

--Bibi Farber

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