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The Really Old Fashioned Way Of Transportation

How would you like your organic vegetables delivered by virtually petroleum free transportation?

Not bikes. How about by sailboat?

The Salish Sea Trading Cooperative in Seattle, WA delivers their CSA (community supported agriculture) produce from the north Olympic Peninsula to northwest Seattle the REALLY old fashioned way.

Skipper and co founder Fulvio Casali says: "We are revitalizing an ancient form of transportation, moving on the water using just the power of the wind and the tides, which has been done by humans for millennium."

The trip takes a full 30 hours going just one way. The crew uses the engine when they need to, but mostly the trip is by sail.

Casali adds: "We're trying to re establish (sailing) and by doing it, we're also trying to redevelop the skills and the infrastructure that it needs to make it a viable form of transportation to move goods and people... my vision is to have a whole fleet of sailboats blanketing Puget sound, going back and forth doing commerce."

How inspiring. The best part is that they want to teach others...literally sailing into the future, where we will need more folks with skills and vision like these!

--Bibi Farber

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