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Off Grid Float Cabin

Inexpensive and Portable

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Floating, Sustainable Living

A "float cabin" is a structure that is, unlike a house boat, is permanently anchored to the shore.

Welcome to a sustainable, off-grid float cabin in Coastal British Columbia, complete with floating garden beds, solar panels and a composting toilet.

The Lutz's moved here to create this unique dwelling after an active city life in Los Angeles. Now they hand pump water from the lake, and collect rain water for the garden. Since there is no trash pick up, they compost nearly everything. They rely on solar, wind, and thermoelectric power. For heat, they have on a wood stove, fueled mostly with driftwood.

Float cabins were first built on Powell Lake as inexpensive and portable homes for loggers and fishermen. The Lutz's are taking the inherent efficiency of this type of home to a whole new level.

--Bibi Farber

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