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Inspiring initiative indeed!

Fog is the same as a cloud except that it touches the ground, whereas a cloud has a base that is above the ground. Fog is composed of tiny liquid water droplets that can be collected for drinking.

Fog Collectors are vertical panels of polyethylene mesh that channel the water to a storage tank. This is an ideal solution for areas where wells, rivers and pipelines are not available.

This is a passive process, with the energy supplied by the wind. In addition, the water moves by gravity from the fog collectors to the village, so no pumps or electricity are required to either generate or to move the water.

One large fog collector, with a 40 square meter collecting surface, will typically produce an average of 200 liters or quarts per day throughout the year, and much more throughout the rainy season.

A small, all volunteer organization in Canada called FoqQuest distributes fog collectors all over the world who need access to safe drinking water. They are funded solely by grants, donations and membership fees.