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First Earth: Film About Natural Building

Turn Suburban Sprawl Into Eco-Villages?

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50% Of The Planet Lives Or Works In Buildings Made Of Mud

"First Earth is a documentary about the movement towards a massive paradigm shift for shelter - building healthy houses in the old ways, out of the very earth itself, and living together like in the old days, by recreating villages." says the film's website*.

This is a meaningful, well done exploration of the topics that converge when we speak of natural building vs. western housing, community, architecture, public space, sustainability and life on this planet as it is unfolding.

"It is a sprawling film, shot on location from the West Coast to West Africa. An audiovisual manifesto filmed over the course of 4 years and 4 continents, First Earth makes the case that earthen homes are the healthiest housing in the world; and that since it still takes a village to raise a healthy child, it is incumbent upon us to transform our suburban sprawl into eco-villages, a new North American dream. First Earth is not a how-to film; rather, it's a why-to film...We need to think differently about house and home, for material and for spiritual reasons, both the personal and the political."*

--Bibi Farber

* First Earth Film Website: