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Earthships 101

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Housing for the Future

This is a most exciting and bizarre type of housing! Earthships are made from recycled tires and bottles and cans! They hold a comfortable room temperature year round in any climate, and they can be heated and cooled like a conventional home.

They are completely sustainable: Earthships self generate electricity from the sun and wind—water from rain and snow melt. The sewage is treated on site in botanical planters. The gray water is used for the indoor plants. It is used 3 more times in the system before it goes to a septic tank, making use of hydroponic systems.

They can be built in any climate—anywhere in the world. The design incorporates growing food –both inside and outside!

Earthships claim to be the most versatile and economical building design in the world. They are designed to meet standard building code requirements , and cost about the same as a conventional home. But your Earthship comes with all the water and electricity you will ever use!

You will be amazed when you see this housing- made of old tires and bottles—look so comfortable and modern! Talk about working with nature instead of against it – this is genius!

--Bibi Farber