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Community Living Off The Grid In The Woods in England

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As Self Sufficient As Possible

The Stewards Woodland Community, in the heart of Devon, England are the subject of this story about life off the grid, living in nature.

12 adults and 5 children live there at the time of this interview. They strive to be totally self sufficient, and so far they have achieved that in the areas of power, sanitation, heating and housing. They still need to make money and buy some food from the outside world.

The homes are made from wood and tarpaulin. They have a solar panel system which they admit is not great, it being England. On a bad day, it's just enough for lighting and maybe a couple of hours of laptop." says one resident.

They grow as much food as they can. The communal bath and laundry house is run by micro hydro power. Composting toilet of course!

They speak about the satisfaction of being almost self sufficient, and being in nature, and despite whatever discomfort and inconvenience, they agree they are happier here and certainly more prepared for a lower energy lifestyle, as the current Western lifestyle becomes more and more impossible, toxic and absurd to continue.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Nathalie Lovell