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Local is Best for Business

We are under the collective delusion that buying things in a big box store will be less expensive. But we know it is better long term policy to support local businesses.

Correction: It is better in the SHORT term as well. Local businesses contribute the most right back into the local economy. A recent study shows that of $100 spent in a Borders bookstore, $13 circulated in the local economy. Out of $100 spent in two local bookstores, $45 remained in the local economy. Local stores hire local accountants, do local advertising and pay local taxes to mention a few areas where Borders would not keep the dollars circulating in town.

Often there is not as big a "savings" as perceived anyway.

Michale Shuman, author of "Going Local" and "The Small Mart Revolution" explains in this interview with Peak Moment TV that the ship is beginning to turn around: we are beginning to see the improving economics of local food (CSA's, Farmers Markets urban Farming and more) which is the single most important act of localization.

He also explains the concept behind a local stock exchange, one benefit being that local businesses would benefit from acting responsibly with regard to environmental issues.

Consumers AND businesses benefit? New concept!

-- Bibi Farber

This TV show comes to us from Peak Moment TV - Locally Reliant Living For Challenging Times - and is produced by Janaia Donaldson and Robyn Mallgren.