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Stick To Local Food: A FUN Campaign in NY State

Kids Love Stickers, Families Buy Local

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Putting Local Food On The Map, Literally

Just south of New York's Catskill region, in the Rondout Valley, there is a growing interest in exactly what is growing there, and how to support more of it!

Artist Maria Reidelbach came up with a brilliant idea to get kids to insist their parents to visit about 20 local farms, orchards, farmers markets, greenhouses, herb shops and seed libraries!

Taking advantage of kids fascination with stickers and collecting, the project "Stick To Local Food" is all about families making a fun project out of visiting each local food business on the map.

Free folding maps have spots for each sticker, collected at each farm, farm stand or farmers market. The maps become more and more colorful with each place they visit.

If you complete the tour, you get a special Stick to Local Food finishing sticker.

I want one!

A fun idea that may spark some ideas for you in your community about how to rev up the awareness about local food.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter campaign: please copy, paste and donate if you can!

What will the money fund? To keep costs to the farms low, each farm is paying only for their own stickers--under $100; and this Kickstarter campaign will help pay for design, printing and distribution of the map. The map is planned to be distributed to local primary school children, all participating farms, farm markets and sponsors, at the NYS thruway rest stops and at every local joint that has a spot for a brochure rack.

Your pledge of just $20 buys you a Stick To Local Food apron, to wear with pride while preparing local food wherever you live!

--Bibi Farber

Kickstarter page: