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LandShare & Local Currency

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Transition Towns: Where Great Ideas Blossom

"Landshare" is an initiative that grew out of Transition Town Totnes, England. It pairs those with land with those with no land, so more people can grow more food. Expecting only a handful, they ended up with 20 successful pairings right away.

This video also features scenes from other Transition Towns in the UK and New Zealand, where similar brainstorms have led to Nextworld action. In Llandeilo, Wales there were 100 apple orchards 100 years ago. Now there are 7- but the whole community is busy planting to bring back local apples. Says one participant: "It's about putting my fear into something more positive. It's below the radar. It's practical - not political. It's about getting people to ... do it!"

And meet the people behind the biggest local currency launch in the UK- the Lewis Pound. Transition Town founder Rob Hopkins explains that local currencies are meant to to run alongside a national currency, to keep more money reverberating locally.

Transition Towns "Unleash the collective genius of the community" as Rob Hopkins says.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by The Transition Network