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House Concerts

A Time Honored Way Of Enjoying Music

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It's About The Audience, The Artist And The Experience

House concerts have been gathering speed for a few decades.

When you think about it, this format represents the most sustainable and time honored way to enjoy music: in our homes, in community, with whatever proceeds going mostly to the artist.

It's a great way to help local unknown artists get heard, as well as offering established touring musicians a place to play in a much more intimate setting.

It enables everyone to skip the hassle and expense of the club environment, which at the end of the day is an establishment that needs to sell plenty of liquor to turn a profit. Often musicians are paid in accordance with how well the bar does: how many people did they bring, or how many existing customers did they at least persuade to stay and have a few more beers.

House concerts enable a totally different focus: it's about the audience, the artist and the experience.

See this website to find out more about hosting, or playing a house concert.

--Bibi Farber