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Eco Entrepreneurship with Marjora Carter

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Hometown Security

Communities hold the keys to their own recovery.

Marjora Carter, economic consultant, public radio host, and environmental justice advocate from the South Bronx, NYC gives examples of three visionary people who conceived of business opportunities that create jobs while solving other environmental and social problems.

She calls it Local Eco-Entrepreneurship, or Hometown Security.

Here are three stories that spotlight what she sees as a trend: people using longer term, and more creative thinking to tackle problems that do not have obvious solutions. They all address one or several aspects of our collapse that goes beyond mere "unemployment".

These are the people that are weaving important threads of community and environmental consciousness into the solutions for our future, not just creating short term jobs or throwing money at social issues.

One story tells of Brenda Palms Barber who created a business opportunity for ex- convicts. It is a skin care product made from honey, and she had them involved with the bee keeping. The product was successful, even making onto the shelves of Whole Foods. She created a dignified, empowering environment that encouraged productive citizens. The national rate of recidivism, ex-cons returning to jail, is 65%.

Among her group it was 4%.

One area that could explode with new, permanent local jobs as we reconfigure our dependency on supermarket chains, is local food production. Marjora Carter envisions a network of small growers and seasonal food producers.

She speaks of improving local economic stability. The people who are part of the tax burden can now become part of the tax base. This is an essential pillar to this country's recovery.

"Think local -- and act local" she exclaims.

- Bibi Farber

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