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Buying Local Food In Bulk Together

Original Idea Behind Food Coops

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Coming Together, Supporting Local

Often we see the word "Co-Op" in the name of well established health food stores that we forget the real origin of the term.

These stores most likely started as real buying cooperatives, but became retail environments open to the public, that order products from all over the country if there is demand for them.

This video profiles a food buying cooperative in Oklahoma that was formed to connect people with local food producers in the state. They could then begin to buy as a group, in bulk. It really started as a dedicated group of buyers.

Patrons are considered members who join by buying a small stake in the venture, about $50 per year. Then during the first week of every month, these members can order a variety of products directly from a group of over 100 independent farmers from throughout the state.

Founder and President Bob Waldrop says: "Local food producers tend to use less chemicals, less pesticides, less herbicides and grow in more natural and organic ways."

"I think it's very beneficial to small farmers like us who are trying to break into a market." says Paulette Rink.

If you live somewhere where local produce is not easy to come by in stores, farmers markets or CSA's, perhaps starting a coop is something to consider for consistent access to less expensive, organic locally produced foods?

--Bibi Farber