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Solar Powered Airplane Takes Flight

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Sky's The Limit!

An experimental airplane in Switzerland, powered only by rays from the sun, completed a 24 hour flight in July of 2010.

The "Solar Impulse" proves that overnight solar-powered flight is possible.

Clear blue skies meant that the prototype aircraft was able to soak up plenty of solar energy as it made a gradual ascent to a final altitude to 27,900 feet (8,500 meters) and then flew in darkness using energy stored up during the day.

The president and CEO of Solar Impulse says: "We're not trying to create a revolution in air transport, but a revolution in the mindset of people when they think about renewable energy."

Although this aircraft only weighs as much as a medium sized car, it is truly an astounding feat, and should broaden our perception of what is possible going forward.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Al- Jazeera English TV

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