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Genius Invention: Treadle Pumps Can Triple The Yield

Water Pump Uses Leg Muscles

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Simple And Cheap To Maintain

If the water table is 7 meters below the surface, how do you get it to irrigate the fields? This simple and genius idea, the treadle pump, is changing hundreds of thousands of lives.

Designed to be operated with the leg muscles, this pump can be used anywhere, without fossil fuels.

Farmers can now be liberated from dependence on rain-fed irrigation and they can maximize return on their small plots of land.

See the dramatic difference in a one acre plot that used this amazing treadle pump. One farmer here reports being able to grow 3 crops a year instead of 1!

The treadle pump can do most of the work of a motorized pump, but costs considerably less. Pump prices including installation range between US$20 and $100.

--Bibi Farber

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