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Copenhagen Wheel: World's Smartest Hybrid Bike

Stores Your Energy Till You Need A Boost

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Reinventing The Wheel

This amazing invention turns an ordinary bike into a smart electric hybrid.

It converts your pedaling into kinetic energy, which is stored in a battery and can then be used when you need a boost. Uphill: no problem!

Not only that: through your smartphone, it monitors all kinds of information like traffic and weather conditions. It tracks your progress and can act as a motivating personal trainer.

Sensors collect all this information in a section that resides in the back wheel. You actually do not need to buy a new bike- you just buy the back wheel, and swap out yours for this amazing reinvented wheel, perfect for motivating bicyclists and keeping them safe, comfortable and informed in areas that might otherwise be too challenging.

--Bibi Farber

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