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Next Big Things That Surprised The World: Future Humanoids

And Cars That Drive Themselves, Biofuels and More

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What Are They Cooking Up Now?

This is not exactly standard Nextworldtv fare. Although we are not against high tech innovation, we tend to embrace the most natural, humble and energy efficient solutions to the world's problems rather than the complex, high tech futuristic promise.

But it is interesting to take a peek into the techno geek's world and see what's cooking.

The Nova/ PBS program called "Next Big Things That Surprised The World" spotlights innovations that are both promising and creepy. Start with humanized robots. Did you know they are well underway in creating robots that can look you in the eye, maintain engaging conversation and even simulate empathy?

Get ready for humankind's next best friend -- at least according to these robotics scientists.

The third segment is every motorist's dream. A car that drives itself, and never has an accident. Just climb in, program the GPS and take a nap till you get to your destination. If the battery charge lasts, that is...

So enjoy these tales from the front lines of innovation - and please observe with a very critical eye, especially the segment about the "Smart Grid".

We all know off grid is better than smart grid. But lets at least be prepared and informed going into the future!

--Bibi Farber

This video was created by Nova Science Now / PBS