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A Loving Farm

Anne Schroeder runs the Star Gazing Farm in Maryland, a sanctuary for farm animals. Here the pigs, rabbits, sheep, alpacas, cows and everyone else can live out their lives with love, health and dignity. They are all rescue animals, some arrived with all kinds of issues, and some are just older and have outlived their "function".

She has a compassionate and practical philosophy: she does not eat animals but nor does she preach vegetarianism, and she believes that each one has a purpose on the farm.

This is beautifully expressed in the fact that they sell naturally processed, hand-sheared and hand woven rugs from the fiber of the animals. They also offer hands-on classes and demonstrations of the humane care of sheep and how to shear, wash, card, and spin the wool they grow.

Imagine if places like this could spring up everywhere!

--Bibi Farber

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