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Martha Stewart Speaks Out About Cruelty To Farm Animals

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The Most Important Choice For Your Kitchen

Martha Stewart speaks out about cruelty to farm animals!

This is truly a breakthrough in mainstream exposure to this issue. Martha Stewart is not known for promoting vegetarianism in her cookbooks -- but this is a great start. If her fans can hear this and begin to heed the message, she will have done a world of good for the cause.

The best way to end the insanity of factory farms is to be completely vegan. Some aspects of the so-called "humanely raised" and "cage free" farms are just as bad as the conventional ones. If you do eat meat, chicken and dairy products the best way to go is to find a local farm or small producer that you feel good about and support them.

When people know better, they do better. These poor animals are just as precious as any animal we regard as a pet -- and they never know a single day of a normal, pain free life.

Do your homework, and spread the word! We can turn this horror around.

-Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Farm Sanctuary. At their website there is a petition to sign for President Obama to put an end to factory farming, as well as many other campaigns and constructive initiatives.