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How Whales Benefit Fish - And The Planet

Every Living Species On Earth Plays A Role

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In Nature There Is NO Waste

Whales sustain the entire living system of the ocean.

Indeed, every living species on this planet has a role in keeping it alive.

Researchers scratched their heads when the fish and krill population went down as the whale population was massively diminished because of human whale hunting. They assumed there would be MORE fish with the main predator out of the picture.

This fascinating fact about whales is a beautiful example of how nature is always working in symbiosis. Whales fertilize the surface waters with their waste which contains nutrients, especially lots of iron and nitrogen. This is tremendously beneficial to the plant plankton. In turn, the fish and krill thrive.

Once again, in nature there is no waste. I have been delighted to observe this first hand for years right at home on a small scale: my rescue rabbit Sandra makes "magic pellets" also packed with nitrogen, that make every plant in the garden very happy, some exploding into virulent growth. She makes the plants happy and they happily feed her in return.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Sustainable Human

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