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Let's Make Cruelty Free The New Normal.

Hundreds of thousands of rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice are used in experiments every year to test the safety of our products.

Did you know this testing does not even accurately measure the effect the product may have on a human? There is great inconsistency in the animals themselves and how they react to the products. So this is not only unjustified cruelty, but flawed science.

If we are making informed choices about our food, about the safety and origin of it, and we want non toxic products in our homes, we can easily at the same time make sure they are cruelty free.

Plenty of personal care and household products sold in health food stores have the "Leaping Bunny Program" insignia. It means you're buying something that guarantees no new animal testing for finished products or ingredients were used at any stage of development.

Do a background check on your favorite brands -- and maybe switch out a few things. It's that easy. Then YOU will be part of turning this evil away, with every jar and bottle you buy for the rest of your life!

Let's make Cruelty Free the new normal.

--Bibi Farber