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Your heart is not a pump and other realities

Excerpt of a conversation with Thomas Cowan MD

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How the world is actually organized

First principle: We're 70% water and we are a lot more than physical.

There are FOUR states of water.

Three we learn in school: solid, liquid, gas.

Then there is a fourth obvious one, that's not obvious to "medical science": water as it exists in human beings - a completely different form.

Life, to oversimplify it is water + protein + energy.

And "energy" is an essential "dietary" necessity.

How do we get the "energy" we NEED to live.

In the context of current events, here's how we kill it.

Many of the Pandemic "safety" laws - stay indoors, parks and beaches locked up, forced wearing of masks in non-medical settings, avoiding the earth, fresh air and sunshine, with the accompanying excess of electronic screen time - are making people sick.

If this isn't immediately obvious to you, here's a clip that will help.

Books by Thomas Cowan MD:

Human Heart, Cosmic Heart

Nourishing Traditions

The Fourfold Path to Health

Cancer the the New Biology of Water

Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness

The complete video: "Your heart is not a pump"

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