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Shutting down 60% of the economy

Good chance we will create a full blown Depression

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We better start thinking

Can we afford to shut down 60% of the economy (the service sector) for two months?

We better start thinking.

There's a good chance we will create a full blown Depression by following the path the politicians are on right now.

An alternative to setting fire to trillions of dollars. Underwrite cost of the home quarantine of the people we know are at risk (frail elderly, diabetics, immune suppressed, lung issues).

Let everyone one else tend to their business, get infected and develop immunity just like a regular flu which is what this has proven itself to be for the average reasonably healthy person. Quarantining the vulnerable ends the stated risk of the MAJORITY of non-symptomatic people being "carriers." They will get it out of their system.

Very important:

When something is called a coronavirus "case" what does it mean? A positive test? Mild symptoms that could be anything? Hospitalization? It makes a huge difference & trillions hang in the balance. Try to find a single authoritative source that nails down this essential issue. You won't.

Essential listening.

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