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Reminder - Cell phones are dangerous

Especially for children

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No easy answers

Reminder - Cell phones are dangerous, especially for kids.

This is science, not hysteria.

So what do you do?

For kids: No cell phone. Period.

For everyone else:

1. Don't give up your land line and use it first.
2. If you gave up your land line, use skype
3. If you have to use a cell phone, use the speaker
4. The further away you keep the phone from your head, the better
5. If you use a headset, get one that has a plastic tube between you and
the electronics. (Googe: air tube or acoustic tube + cell phone)

There are no magic cures. Everyone selling one is a scam artist

Here's info on one of the guys who pitches "anti-radiation" stickers for your phone.

Buyer beware.