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Protect Yourself From Radiation

How Vitamin C Has Been Proven To Prevent Cancer

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Why Didn't Word Get Out?

The Japanese College of Intravenous Therapy had determined that a sufficient level of Vitamin C and other anti oxidant supplements and nutrients can sufficiently protect the body from radiation damage.

Vitamin C is a not a cure-all. It will however protect from radiation - and assist other free-radical scavengers.

But when they tried to get the word out to mass media, the government and TEPCO (company that owns the Fukushima Power Plant)they were met with complete silence. No one wanted the information!

This video, mostly in Japanese with English subtitles, explores both the science behind the claims of the protective properties of Vitamin C and the issues surrounding the cover up of this information.

We hope you will spread the word about anything that may protect those affected by the Fukushima disaster,now spreading through the ocean and the food chain, heading across the Pacific Ocean.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by the SPIC Corporation and Medical Research 21 Inc.

Here follows a transcript of the video, with annotations added by JH Raichyk, a Nextworldtv subscriber kind enough to offer this to all of us:

1-- Hiroshima and Nagasaki being hit by atomic bombs.

Japan is the only country in the world to suffer from wartime A-bombs.

2-- But, Japan was hit by a large-scale radiation disaster once again.

3-- on March 11th 2011 for the third time in history.

4-- On March 12th, the day following the earthquake,

Unit 1 exploded, and on the 14th, Unit 3 exploded.

5-- Cesium that gushed out from the accident is 168.5 times as much as

the Hiroshima a-bomb.

6-- Even now people are prohibited from entering the district of radius 20 km

from the plant.

7-- The high density radiation contamination that occurred from this accident

threw a large dark cloud over

8-- the health of not only the Japanese people, but people throughout the world

not just now but in the future as well

[English speaking parts, saying that radiation mutilates DNA with disease results, and that there were expected to be 230.000 cases of cancer from the accident ]

9-- It is possible. that there could be more congenital abnormalities,

cardiovascular diseases,

10-- neurological disorders, digestive organ disorders, cancer.

11-- and many other even more severe negative health impact happening on us.

12-- How can Japanese people protect their health from radiation damage?

13-- There was no useful information from the government.

14-- No, we haven't heard much about what kind of damage can happen

to our health, so I don't know.

15-- They just said that we should avoid radiation.

16-- No, they didn't give us any information

17-- There were no instructions or advice.

18-- However, it was found that there are nutrients that can powerfully prevent

radiation damage

[ English speakers: if you pretreat those to be exposed, specifically with C, then you protect them ]

19-- We have come to understand that by administering Vitamin C and other supplements either orally or intravenously

20-- even if abnormalities occur genetically after being heavily irradiated, genes

will normalize again.

21-- That nutrient is Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C

[ A gift from Dr Linus Pauling ]

22-- After the Nuclear Power Plant accident many things and places were

contaminated with radiation.

23-- But listening to the announcements by the government and to the comments

by TEPCO, they all begin by saying "there is nothing to worry."

24-- I had thought all along that that's not the case

25-- Back then, we were making searches through literature from all over the world trying to find a way to protect our health from radiation.

26-- Then on March 20th, I received an e-mail

27-- It was from Dr Steve Hickey, a scientist living in U.K.

28-- In that mail, there was a reference to papers published from the National Defense Academy of Japan.

29-- The National Defense Medical College and Japan Ground Self-Defense force, one year before the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident

30-- T in 2010 March edition of Journal of Radiation Research which is an English Journal for Japan Radiation Research Society,

31-- The title of the paper was "Pretreatment with Ascorbic Acid Prevents Lethal Gastrointestinal Syndrome in Mice Receiving a Massive Amount of Radiation".

32-- In that study, when 14 grays of radiation were radiated on mice, lethal gastrointestinal syndrome occurred and all the mice in that group died.

33-- However, when irradiation was done after giving 150mg/kg of Vitamin C orally for three days.

34-- 60% of mice survived after two weeks,

42% survived after 24 days, and no mice died after that.

[ that dose would be only 10g orally for a 150lb human, an extreme small amount compared to what is being done by Liposome or by intravenously... but huge 100x the RDA advertised as recommended by the FDA ]

35-- Researchers concluded that Vitamin C scavenges the generation of free radical and that DNA damage

36-- can be prevented and therefore gastrointestinal damage due to acute irradiation was prevented.

37-- In those papers, the authors clearly state that,

38-- if a nuclear accident occurs or atomic terrorism occur, when you dispatch the

rescue force to save

39-- the residents and/or workers in the affected area, the rescue force should take Vitamin C in advance

40-- By taking Vitamin C, they can prevent radiation damage when they go into the irradiated areas

41-- Usually people think of radiation as something like a lethal beam that comes beaming towards the body directly and damage our cells.

42-- However that is completely wrong.

43-- Direct damage on our genes is only 20%

44-- The remaining 80% happens when radiation hits water molecule, such as the

water molecules in

45-- your body and when radiation hits these molecules, reactive oxygen is generated

46-- Reactive oxygen harms our genes and cell membranes

47-- That is the 80% of total damage

48-- Majority of radiation damage is by reactive oxygen, but that can be eliminated by antioxidant supplements such as Vitamin C

[ English -- Steve Hickey -- discusses antioxidants, and their operation to supply electrons where needed to prevent damage ]

49-- The important point is to maximize the antioxidant potential within the human


50-- I recommend methods to improve the antioxidant potential as soon as possible

51-- The best thing to start is to receive Vitamin C IV (intravenous) therapy

[Shematic in english -- Mechanism of action of hydrogen peroxide generated by Vitamin C in blood vessels[

52-- Vitamin C therapy is an advanced treatment that is getting attention in many parts of the world

[ ahem,,, Dr Klenner in TN was doing this in the 1940s and was stonewalled by the
vaccine establishment et al, as have others following Klenner and promoting C been stonewalled since ]

53-- as a treatment to leave the normal cells unharmed but kill only the cancer

cells with the hydrogen peroxide

54-- that is generated by intravenous drop of Vitamin C

[ shematic in english -- Vitamin C concentration and survival rate of 4 types of cancer cells -- showing all dead at 400 except pancreatic which held at just 10% surviving, 90% destroyed [

55-- In an in vitro experiment almost all of the cancer disappeared with a certain concentration

56-- Vitamin C has a powerful antioxidant potential

57-- The person who advocated the efficacy of Vitamin C against diseases

is Dr Linus Pauling

58-- who is the only person that received Nobel Prize twice, one for Chemistry and the other for Peace

[ Hickey in english -- for that radiation, you'd need 8-10 g in divided doses several times a day so that you'd need to take it at least 3 times a day to keep up the protective level ]

59-- The dose of Vitamin C and other antioxidant supplements used in cancer treatment

60-- the dose for anti-aging and the dose for prevention from radiation exposure.

61-- The dose for all these turned out to be all the same

62-- Theoretically it was known that to maximize the anti-oxidant potential in our body

63-- is the best protection against radiation and to cancer but in actual reality, it was really so

[ image of bottle/box label with USP 500mg/mL as the injected form of ascorbic acid]

64-- When we came to the conclusion that Vitamin C and other antioxidant supplements

65-- and nutrients can sufficiently protect our body from radiation damage

66-- I thought I should disseminate this news to everyone as soon s possible

67-- and so what I did first was

68-- to make a statement together with doctors and experts overseas

69-- Important organizations to involve were the government

70-- TEPCO, mass media and politicians

71-- So we sent out a Release to more than 150 media, to Press clubs

72-- TV stations, radio, magazines, and newspaper companies

73-- However, our phone didn't ring even once.

74-- There were no inquiries after that

75-- The government, TEPCO, and the mass media majority of them ignored our


76-- I think there are structural issues on rights and interests.

77-- Politicians receive political donations from TEPCO

78-- And there are issues of constituencies and voters

79-- The mass media has to think of their largest advertsers

80-- If they lose the advertisement fee from TEPCO, they will be in a big trouble.

so they cannot say ill things about TEPCO

81-- Bureaucrats have positions made available by TEPCO after retirement.

82-- Scholars depend on them for research funds and positions so they cannot say the right thing

83-- Banks lend money to TEPCO at a high interest. and the system goes by

All-inclusive-cost-of-goods system

84-- and the interest is paid by adding electricity fee.

85-- from the banks point of view, TEPCO is a large customer, per current system

86-- From these points I felt that the system itself was prioritizing Economy rather

than people's health and assets

[ Hickey in english -- and the information they receive is biased. Individuals must take responsibility for themselves and family and choose to be rational human ]

87-- After the Chernobyl accident, for more than 20 years after the incident,

88-- were not only about increased cancer patients

89-- but cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, psychiatric disease,

gastrointestinal diseases.

90-- all due to internal exposure to radiation increased. All kinds of disorders increased

[ graphic shows cardiovascular disease in Belarus doubled over the dozen years]

[English speaker -- cancer hits rapid cell growth more, hence children are vulnerable -- graph of thyroid operations... pregnancies, plus from irradiated foods and from air, radioactive molecules are ingested and incorporated ]