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Portable Water Purification: The Lifesaver Bottle

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$20 Billion = Clean Water For All

You may have heard of the Lifesaver bottle. Pour contaminated water into one side and out comes pure drinking water on the other.

This must be the most important magic trick in the world.

The inventor Michael Pritchard offers an astonishing demo here filling the bottle with revolting sewage and indeed, drinking it from the clean end.

Buying a single Lifesaver bottle at retail in the US, for ex. on costs $149, and will purify up to 6,000 liters.

Pritchard estimates that if $20 billion dollars were spent, everyone in the world can have safe drinking water.

Imagine how this invention could change the shape of everything surrounding the water issue. Disease rates would plummet on a colossal scale. Entire regions would come back to life. People could stay close to home and begin to rebuild after natural disasters. Women would not spend hours and hours everyday all over the world walking to collect unsafe water, then burning wood in the home to purify it.

Clean water instantly, at the source, in a portable unit. What invention could possibly be more important?

--Bibi Farber

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