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How to get GMOs out of your diet

The top 10 offenders

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We've got to wise up

The top offenders:

1. Corn (and than includes corn syrup)
2. Soy (and that includes soy bean oil)
3. Sugar (comes from GMO sugar beets)
4. Aspartame - Yup, it's GMO and it's a neurotoxin
5. Papayas - Especially supermarket papaya
6. Canola oil - It's an industrial product
7. Cottonseed oil - from India and China and it's in everything
8. Dairy - Bovine growth formula is in 30% of milk in the US
9. Zucchini - get organic only
10. Squash - get organic only

If it sounds like Monsanto pretty much poisoned the food supply, they have. With the help of the FDA.

Most of these foods - corn syrup, soil bean oil, refined sugar, cottonseed oil - were total crap any way, but now you have 1,000 more reasons to avoid them.

As always, packaged food and restaurant food is the devil.