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Fountain of Youth Revealed: 72 year old looks 40

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Eat Yourself Young!

Mimi Kirk has not only stopped the aging clock, but possibly reversed it, with a raw food vegan diet. At 72, she looks like she is in her 40s, and says she "feels 20." She has never had plastic surgery, and credits her astonishingly youthful looks strictly to her raw food, vegan diet.

--Celia Farber

Celia Farber is an investigative science reporter and cultural journalist who has written for several magazines including Harper’s, Esquire, Rolling Stone, SPIN and more. She is the author of “Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS” (Melville House Press/ Random House). Known for bold exposes of the pharmaceutical industry and related media cover ups, Celia Farber shines a spotlight on the very subjects that have been taboo for too long: What is Cancer? Does HIV cause AIDS? Do Vaccinations Cause Brain Damage? And many more...

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