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Can We Regrow Teeth?

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Perhaps We Can?

"Regrowing teeth is a lot more common than we're led to believe, and a lot more easy than we're led to believe." says Dani Katz.

She offers here a testimonial of her own methods of home grown oral care. She was told she had gum disease and cavities, and instead of going back to the dentist to address them the conventional way, she explored an alternative direction.

The steps include Ayurvedic oil pulling, coating dental floss with tea tree oil, rinsing the mouth with comfrey root tea and eating ground up eggshells!

Although there is no conclusive proof that Ms. Katz teeth have in fact "grown back", you may wish to learn more about these treatments and see if they can be beneficial to your oral care.

They all seem like a healthy non-toxic, non-invasive step in the right direction. A simple online search for "Regrow Teeth" will tell you more about this fascinating subject.

-Bibi Farber