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What Plants Talk About

Proof That The Plant Kingdom Communicates

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Plants Do "Behave" Like Animals

You will never think of your plants, your garden, or any of the green that covers this earth the same way again after seeing this amazing documentary.

Meet the scientists and plant ecologists that are uncovering the real mysteries of how plants "behave". You will see fascinating footage that is sped up to show us what is really going on when plants do their thing.

You can literally see vines making decisions about what to attach to. See them communicate with each other about predators and pollinators. See how they even wage war on other plants!

There is whole world of communication that goes on between the plants and the organisms around them that we are just beginning to learn about.

What is even more profound is that we are reminded of the symbiosis in nature.

Underneath the forest ground is a vast network of tree roots and fungi that are all working as one big coordinated organism, and this incredible film literally shows us how they speak to each other.

--Bibi Farber

This film was produced by PBS