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The New Farm Is Right Downtown

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Less Space, Less Cost, Less Water and Fuel Use

Home Town Farms is on a mission to get local food growing in unconventional ways in cities all over the US.

It's a replicable template for urban, indoor vertical farming. They have a streamlined format for growing the produce -- and setting up a retail environment. Consumers can buy on location where the food is grown. Move over, Whole Foods: THIS is the store we've been waiting for!

The savings over conventional methods are impressive: These crops need 70% less land, 85% less water, 80% less fertilizer and 90% less fuel to get to market.

The food itself is will cost about half what conventionally grown organic food costs.

These farms are not dependent on existing ground soil and can be set up on open parking lots, rooftops, open land or any unused space.

This exciting concept may establish itself as a standard in food production going forward...imagine, we can now grow organic, inexpensive, safe a downtown parking lot!

--Bibi Farber