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The Industrial Egg vs. The Permaculture Egg

Which Is Win Win Win?

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Cheaper Food Is Costing Us Plenty

This is the kind of permaculture explanation that makes your heart sing!

Here is a comparison between what it takes to produce a factory farmed egg and a permaculture egg.

One system is Lose Lose: producing grain for feed, manufacturing chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, incurring fuel costs, trucking eggs all over the country and worst of all, keeping miserable, sick birds.

The other is Win Win: Combine the chickens with a greenhouse where produce grows. Create symbiosis: all the "waste" in the system is used to feed something. The waste from the greenhouse operations feed the chickens, compost the chicken manure and let their heat be the heat for the plants, and let their breathing feed the plants Co2! And best of all, have happy and healthy birds!

If we can change our thinking, about what this food is worth, what healthy animals are worth, and what a thriving symbiotic system that does not pollute is worth, we will see that the cheaper, factory farmed eggs are in fact the more expensive, certainly more wasteful and harmful ones.

--Bibi Farber

This video is part of a webinar series produced by Bill Wilson of MidWest Permaculture