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Planting Food - And Awareness

Computer science major Rishi Kumar became fascinated with permaculture gardening, ripped up his own lawn to grow food and created a paradise of an edible landscape.

When he went back to school, he convinced the university officials to allow him and his friends to start a community garden on a one acre parcel of land on campus.

Since then his home, in Diamond Bar, CA (near LA) called The Growing Home, has become an urban farm, educational center, and edible landscape company. Since 2008, they have grown thousands of pounds of fruits, vegetables, and herbs on 5000 sq ft of land, feeding their family and the local community. They strive to educate others, helping them grow their own food.

His own neighbor got the bug, went ahead and ripped up her lawn too.

Planting food on the front lawn in suburbia is planting awareness, and in this case it's spreading well!

--Bibi Farber

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