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The Waste From One Food Becomes The Raw Material For Another

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Food Processing In Symbiosis

This is really taking the idea of "there is no waste in nature" to another level!

A food production facility, known as "The Plant" is being assembled in Chicago.

This is how it works: the foods are selected so that the waste from one provides nutrients for another.

"The Plant" will be producing Kombucha tea, fresh vegetables, tilapia, and beer...with virtually no waste!

It's also an anaerobic digester that turns organic material into biogas piped to a turbine generator to make electricity for plant grow lights. The plants make oxygen for the kombucha and the kombucha makes CO2 for the plants. Waste from the fish feeds the plants and the plants clean the water for the fish... and on and on!

The best part? It used to be a meat processing plant! Talk about evolution!

--Bibi Farber

To see more on The Plant and their current production, visit:

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