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Plant It Forward: The Starving Artist Project

by Linda Kunik

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Growing Fresh Local Produce and a Healthy Artistic Community

The archetype of the "Starving Artist" has long been a staple of artistic culture, but Linda Kunik is setting out to change that. Kunik, a visual artist, started a barter program in L.A. called Plant it Forward. The program allows artists to eat healthy locally grown produce, which is often a challenge when money and space is tight.

Artists can spend one to two hours working in the garden in exchange for fresh produce (whatever is growing at the moment). Marissa Mercado, an artist and worker, explains that spending time in the garden allows much needed time in nature. Kunik's project is not only raising awareness about growing food locally, but the work also brings nutrition to the physical bodies and to the creative souls of many former starving artists.

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-- Brie Sullivan