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Permaculture Principles In A Polyculture Orchard

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It's Not Just About Gardening

In this video Anneke de Graaf explains fundamental principles at work in a permaculture orchard in New South Wales Australia.

Obtain a Yield: Everything that exerts and consumes energy needs to produce a yield.

In Nature There Is No Waste: What looks like old dead leaves to be removed to the conventional agriculture eye, is important ground cover and nutritious compost.

Diversity: Diversity makes an eco system robust, flexible and resilient. Diversity in a garden means you don't need chemicals to reduce the amount of pests that you have.

Anneke points out: "It's not just about gardening. It's about the way we think and view the world. We can apply these principles in every part of our lives... architecture, cities, the way we set our house -- and the way we function in everyday life."

--Bibi Farber