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Permaculture On University Grounds

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A Replicable Model To Be Used Everywhere

University of Massachusetts, Amherst is one of the first public universities in the nation to transform a 1/4 acre grass lawn, located directly on campus into a thriving, abundant permaculture garden that supplies food to it's dining commons.

Over 200,000 lbs of organic matter was used in this no-till process.

In this video you can see them layering the good stuff, including compost made from the cafeteria food waste, and discussing the benefits of this permaculture garden on campus.

Student and Project Director Ryan Harb says: "I see this project as being a replicable model that can be used everywhere.. it's very easy to do. Just get a lot of people involved, have it be a community effort, and you can build these gardens everywhere."


--Bibi Farber