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Design Science for Resilient Life

"The good news is the solutions are here- they are available on every scale." So says Permaculture expert Penny Livingston-Stark who shows how natural systems can teach us better design practices.

She reminds us that agriculture is just a core for the conversation. That is where we can interface with each other, nature and our food and medicine.

There are other spokes on the wheel: economy, finance, trade, community, ecology - and it's all one inter - connected question: How do we get our needs met- and how can we get them met in a way that isn't poisoning everything?

Her favorite one- sentence description of permaculture? "It's a design science that's rooted in observations of natural systems."

Can humans learn to live in some way that resembles the stability and resiliency of a natural eco-system?

Here's a beautiful and very positive 3 minutes on that question.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by GlobalOneness.